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21 Day Flat Belly Fix Review 2019

Have you ever looked into the mirror and wish you had the slim figure that would give you the confidence to put on the beach bikini or crop top?

I’m sure some of you are doing it, but with our hectic lives, is there really time for a good workout or cook? Not to be forgotten, both can even cost a lot together.

And if you’re 50-60 years of age, the gym may not be a choice and too slow to exercise.

There is no shortage of products on the market promising to help you get rid of this excess belly fat. There is not a dearth of programs aimed at reducing belly fat, right from food supplements, fat-blasting tablets, exercise equipment and replacement shakes. But are they working?

For a large part of the population, losing belly fat in the late thirties is an uphill task. No doubt, it may be a struggle to lose belly fat at any age. But once you cross the mid-thirties threshold, fat cells tend to accumulate in the hip, intestine, and thigh regions, and this accumulated fat tends to be difficult to get rid of without strenuous exercise regimes and total lifestyle changes.

There’s a better alternative, then?

Okay, that’s just what the Flat Belly Fix promises. But is it really working? Is everything needed from fab to flab 7-10 minutes a day?

One of my friends told me that she gaining weight as a forty-two-year-old working mother of two with the combined demands of a demanding career, running a household and coping with daily stress. she gave most plans and strategies ago with the sole purpose of losing weight without much success. Finally, she used Flat Belly Fix and the results were wonderful.

I will separate the truth from the myths in this detail Flat Belly Fix Review.

who’s Behind Flat Belly Fix

If you’re reading about the Flat Bellu Fix, Todd Lamb is a name you’re bound to come across. It’s his brainchild, after all. But why would you trust Todd Lamb?

Well, Todd Lamb has worked as a SWAT officer and a Canine Handler in the Police Department for about 17 years.

Some of the dietary tips and exercises in the ebook come directly from the grueling exercise routines they’ve had on a daily basis (and if it’s good enough for them, it’ll definitely work wonders for you).

Not only the Flat Belly Fix, Todd is also the author of books like The 7 Day Ab Targeted Solution, which has helped thousands of readers around the globe.

The Flat Belly Fix was originally created for his girlfriend, who, after a car accident, had put on quite a bit of belly fat during her recovery period. It helped her lose 23 pounds and has since been successfully tested and tested by thousands of users around the globe.

So why does it work? What’s all about the flat belly fixing? Let’s dive right in here.

flat belly fix

Flat Belly Repair Review: What’s up?

The explanation Flat Belly Fix has become so famous is that it promises to give you a flat belly in just 21 days. It’s a 3-step formula that helps you get there in a 100% natural way.

It means that it also focuses on workouts and diet plans that will help your body blast fat, whether you’re exercising or sleeping (you can burn fat even when you’re asleep).

Oh, and unlike most food plans, all the recipes here are simple and easy to produce. It also provides a smoothie guide that will make breakfast more fun and nutritious in the morning than it has ever been (time to move over the old banana or berry smoothie).

To help you better understand the flat belly fix, let’s dive deeper into the 3-step formula.

The 21-day program

Are work milestones approaching or are you keeping an active social life that is taking a toll on you? That way, I’m pretty sure most of us have a sleep cycle that’s screwed up and choose to order rather than bake.

Yeah, and some of us don’t even have the right time for our meals. Have you ever had a hunger strike at 2 a.m. (I got you, brother)? And when it does, they grab a ton of treats and leftovers, but I’m always on healthy snacks? Am I still doing the wrong thing?

Ultimately, yeah, eating healthy is only 50% of the work, if there’s one thing I learned from the free PDF that timing is just as critical, if not more.

That’s because all you consume and its pacing has an effect on the rates of triglycerides, blood pressure, digestion, insulin levels, etc., all of which, in addition, have a direct or indirect influence on your weight loss routine.

Think about it this way. If you had a lot of French fries before you started working out, will you still see the same results? And what if you had it five hours before you hit the gym?

The Report also contains some useful tips on how to portion your meals correctly and other things out of the package that you can’t find on the free fitness portal or articles.

All in all, it’s built to equip with all the information you need about the best diet plan to kick-start your weight lose goal.

The 7-minute fat burning routine

Will you realize exactly how much time you need to invest in the gym on a daily basis before you see any significant results? Okay, it’s about 2-3 hours.

But if you’re a working mom, do you really have that kind of time?

If you don’t, you’ll be glad to know that the flat belly can relieve up to 7-10 minutes of your time every day. But in just 7 minutes, can you really burn fat?

Believe it or not, with the right Isometric Holds, Tension Movements, etc., you can literally train the body to burn fat in a matter of minutes.

Yeah, and since these aren’t workouts that will come across on workout pages or YouTube channels, we realize they’re unique.

After all, these are drills that are part of a SWAT or Elite Cop practice during a resistance training workout, and if you’ve seen their physical condition, you know it’s going to be hard and successful.

And since you’ll be presented with step-by-step information so video guides about each pass, I’m confident you’ll get the shape and stance correct in a day or two.

The Smoothies

If you like smoothies as much as I do, that’s the aspect you don’t want to skip.

Now I think most of you are wondering if a balanced smoothie can be as yummy as a kit-kat smoothie you enjoy so much, right?

Okay, really, it can, and that’s just what this Flat Belly Fix Smoothies Guide is supposed to do. Not only that, since most of the dishes are produced from fruit and vegetables every day, you’ll be able to find them in your grocery without wasting a big buck.

Yup, such as fruits, and vegetables are wild berries, banana, almond milk, nuts, avocado.

Some of the recipes include a few different items, such as coconut milk yogurt and kefir, and these are worth the time and money they need to find.

That’s because not only do they spice up the taste, but they also contribute to the health quotient. Don’t you trust me? Find out what the Healthline experts have to say on Kefir.

Smoothies will not take longer than 2-4 minutes of your time and are perfect even for your kids and other family members as they are super healthy and nutritious (well better than the tetra pack juices you’ve given them in any case).

Also, make sure that you also follow the timing principle with the smoothies.

Flat Belly Fix Review: Where to Buy?

Sure, there are a number of diet books and programs you can buy on Amazon and other online retailers, but if you want to get your hands on the initial Flat Belly Fix fitness guide or smoothies recipes, the official website is the only place to be.

And why would you look to buy from other suppliers if they give 60 percent discount on their own? This ensures you can get full access to their services at just $37 (yup, you’ve read which right).

Besides, you get instant access to it as the File is available for download as soon as your fee is approved, unlike those pricey pills that will make you wait 8-10 days or more for shipment.

There are also no delivery fees. All you need is a computer or a mobile, and you can download the PDF at any moment, anytime (now you can keep up with your fitness routine even on vacation).

Payment is also without complications, as it can be done from multiple sources, such as all sorts of MasterCards or Visa cards, as well as PayPal.

Is there a guarantee of money back?

Not getting the results you were hoping for with the Flat Belly Fix? Or has some medical condition prevented it from being used for the time being?

Well, whatever your reason, Flat Belly Fix is a risk-free purchase as it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Just send an email to service@theflatbellyfix.com along with the reason and your refund will be initiated by ASAP.

And since there are no shipping charges here, every penny of the $37 you paid will be refunded.

Plus, since it’s a 60-day guarantee period, you get plenty of time to try it out and see if it’s really working on you or not. Additionally, most of the other similar programs offer you a 30-day contract just to make the flat belly remedy a no-brainer buy (as put, this is a win-win for consumers, so why opt out, right?)

Flat Belly Fix Testimonials

Wondering how successful the Flat Belly Fix really is? Okay, here’s what some of the people have said about it and the effects of it.

The Downsides: Flat Belly Fix

My main problem with the program is not its effectiveness, but the fact that it is only available as a PDF. This means that you’ll need to have your mobile or laptop around to do the exercise or make a meal/smoothie.

I would have preferred a hardcover version or audible version that would have made it more accessible.

Plus, even this program needs the same dedication that your morning workouts or gym sessions need. Yup, this isn’t a quick fix, but on the bright side, it doesn’t take as much time as your gym sessions and costs much less. Only make sure you stay up to the encouragement rate for about a month or two and don’t give in to your cravings because it can build an unnecessary barrier that prevents you from going to the beach-the body you’ve always dreamed about.


1.It will save you only $37 as you lose weight on a budget.

2. Use the tried and tested method for matching the most effective exercises with a healthy diet You will acquire in-depth knowledge about meal timings, amounts, etc.
3. Takes just 8-10 minutes of your time on a daily basis.

4. It also boosts motivation and leaves you focused throughout the day 5. Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

6. The plan is perfect for both men and women over the age of 50-60

7. You get step-by-step instructions along with pictures so you nail any workout

8. The smoothie guide can forever change the way you view nutritious smoothies in terms of taste.


  1. I would have liked to have an audible or hardcover edition as well.

2. This allows you to follow a diet or workout every day.

final thought

Honestly, I wouldn’t think twice before getting a Flat Belly Patch Why?

That’s because it’s based on a completely natural cycle (c’mon, healthy diet and exercise, we know that stuff works). But unlike those grueling gym sessions, it’s only going to take 7-10 minutes a day to work out that arm and belly fat that’s so hard to get rid of.

It can also be reached anywhere through your smartphone or laptop and is accessible at a very low price of $37.

And if it doesn’t perform for you, you also have 60 days to qualify for a full refund (trust me, weight loss will hardly be simpler so risk-free).

If you’ve used a flat belly fix in the past, share your opinion with us before and after photos as it will help readers make a better buying decision.

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