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Secret Death Touches Review

Hello to my analysis of Secret Death Touches. Self-defense is a major lesson of rising criminal levels in today’s world. But is it useful to learn something called Secret Death Touches? Or is this Martial Arts Guide by Robert Lawrence a scam that just takes all the money away? Let us try to find the answer to all these and related questions in this Secret Death Touches review.

Secret Death Touches Review: Is it effective with results?

In this Secret Death Touches review, We’ll cover major topics such as understanding the features, their pros and cons, how useful it is, and finally, it’s a scam or a worthy project. Robert Lawrence’s Secret Death Touches book is a famous program with a number of online Secret Death Touches user reviews, but most of them are just confusing. And so, let’s start by discovering this program of martial arts, and understanding if it’s worth a try.

About Secret Death Touches Book

As the name suggests, the Secret Death Touches Program is a guide to 12 easy but deadly martial arts moves that can actually kill a person if used with proper pressure and force The maker has come up with this guide as a tool to help people battle the uncomfortable situations they’ve been in for some time in their lives.

Some of the most important features of this Secret Death Touches Guide are:

 It helps you learn how to bring down any attacker in just a few seconds by using your hands.

It contains one of the old’ One Touch’ techniques that can permanently disable a person within a second.

The principle provides a hint as to what to do when meeting an armed attacker.

Understand the difference between the use of fist and fingers in combat. And how you can hospitalize your attacker just by using a tap on a specific area.

It also includes two such movements that cause fatal injuries to the attacker, which the manufacturer only asks to be used when in immediate danger. One pass involves a flick that’s impacting him.

Along with these important features, Robert Lawrence’s Secret Death Touches also include tips and actions to avoid an unexpected attack. It also contains some other moves that can help you get free of various locking positions or angles.

Secret Death Touches review also provides several tips and martial arts moves when you’re attacked by more than one attacker, or when you’re with your family and friends. In short, the Robert Lawrence Martial Arts Guide helps you learn total self-defense techniques without doing any fancy moves or real martial arts.

Pros and Cons of Secret Death Touches Guide

I also included both the positive and negative aspects of this guide in my review of the Secret Death Touches.


The program includes all the necessary skills and moves to protect yourself as well as your loved ones from any kind of movement. The moves included in this program are all ethnic martial arts movements, which means that they are tested and proven methods used for centuries.

You’re scared by the name, but you don’t have to kill someone by using the techniques. You can control the energy and the force, reducing the intensity and making it less fatal.

Secret Death Touches Book is suitable for anyone and anyone who wants to learn it, regardless of their age, gender, and weight.

You can learn the techniques of self-defense from this pdf even without any prior knowledge of martial arts or acupuncture.

The manufacturer offers you a 60-days money-back guarantee. This means you can ask for your money back if you don’t find the training helpful.


The name is scary, and so are the moves. In fact, the martial art technique taught in this program can cause fatal problems for the attackers. Therefore, you need to be concise about the movements and pressures that you apply to certain

You should not use these techniques only for practical or fun purposes to anyone, as this may cause some serious problems and may also lead to hospital doors for your loved ones.

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The Creator of Secret Death Touches

The author of this PDF Secret Death Touches is Robert Lawrence (59years) from Detroit, who is a former marine officer. The creator himself has come across a couple of fights, and being a personal ex-navy is a tough guy. But the occurrence of his life led him to learn the ancient knowledge of martial arts from a Chinese teacher. And the same thing, he’s willing to offer everyone around the world in the form of a PDF application.

The designer claims that no form of self-defense strategy helps when an armed intruder approaches you and points his gun to your loved ones. And this is where everyone should at least know a few basic moves that can help them disable the intruder in such a way that they fall to the ground. According to Robert, this program will help all of you learn a few finger movements that can cause fatal injuries to the attackers and save your life as well as the lives of your loved ones if you share the Secret Death Touches free download with them once you buy the kit.

Why Secret Death Touches Program?

To explain why and how this software can be helpful to someone, we’re going to bifurcate the points in four main categories.

Safe and Effective

Secret Death Touches helps you stay safe in today’s world of rising crime rates. You can learn techniques to disarm and harm the attacker, regardless of whether or not the attacker is armed. Most self-defense techniques fail if the attacker is armed, and this is exactly where the Secret Death Touches review will benefit you.

Simple Techniques

In fact, the martial art movements included in the guide are very simple and require accurate positioning of your fingers at specific parts of the body. This means that anyone can use this manual, whether or not they have learned some kind of self-defense technique in their lives. Moves are so easy that anyone of any gender, weight, or muscle strength can do it.


The entire program is very accessible, that is, $49 as a one-time fee to its developer. Once you have access to your Secret Death Touches Free PDF, you can share it with your family free of charge. Yeah, only spending a few dollars will potentially keep everyone safe in your family. And the best part is that it is far less costly than the self-defense classes.

Offers Money-Back Security

What could be more valuable than a money-back guarantee for a service? This program gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can contact the supplier and let him know that the product is not successful if you think it within 60 days. And you will receive a full refund of your investment

Is Secret Death Touches a Scam?

This brings us to the most important issue of the review of Secret Death Touches. A program is definitely a legendary form of martial arts that has been used in China for centuries. Most of their Kung Fu moves have been derived from one another, and the techniques listed in this curriculum are some of the most sacred and fatal moves learned at the extremely advanced level. This is definitely proof of the authenticity of the Secret Death Touches listed in the pdf

Conclusion – Secret Death Touches is Recommended

Robert Lawrence’s Secret Death Touches is a unique piece in itself with a number of benefits, but also some downsides. The title itself shows you what this software is all about, but you also need to be aware of the fatal consequences it has. The Martial Arts Guide helps you learn some of the most effective yet simple movements of your fingers that can harm your attacker and help you save your life as well as your loved ones. The features and advantages clearly point to the best parts.

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In addition, the online reviews of Secret Death Touches by its users often show that the software is a complete package of what to do and what not to do when you are targeted. It also offers a number of techniques to be used in different scenarios and tricks with varying results. So, you will learn right from having your attacker fall on his knee to actually cause the person with a fatal problem.

Therefore, the Secret Death Touches review comes to an end by suggesting that it is not a scam and that you can actually follow it to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from any kind of random, surprise, armed street attack. After all, what’s wrong with trying something that will only help your knowledge to improve. It also comes with a money-back policy that helps you to get all the money back if you’re not satisfied with the results of Secret Death Touches. So, my advice is to seek Robert Lawrence’s Secret Death Touches.

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